ZAMBONIN Law Firm in Italy

ZAMBONIN Law firm was founded by Francesca Zambonin in 2003. Today the firm consists of several legal professionals, each specialized in an area of law. Each of our clients is assigned to one or more of our professional lawyers, to ensure a thorough, timely and reliable service.

The range of specialisms we offer and the efficiency of our processes guarantee you  a complete, timely, confidential, reliable and convenient service.

Tailored approach. In every assignment we aim for maximum efficiency,  optimising results against resources needed.

Our firm provides advice and services to companies, associations and individuals. Our clients range from start-ups to established corporations operating in several industries (service, trade, manufacturing, and others)  as well as individuals and consumers. Our clients operate in industries such as insurance, banking, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, publishing, trade, marketing and more. Many professionals seek our advice for solutions, projects and specific skills.

Francesca Zambonin

Lawyer Francesca Zambonin, owner

Our team works with the utmost commitment, sharing the main values of the Firm:

▪ EXPERTISE       ▪ ETHICS        ▪ TRUST

“From the beginning, closeness to our clients has been fundamental to our law firm, with a friendly yet highly professional approach.
We pay careful attention to our clients’ needs, with a modern approach that enables us to establish a relationship of trust, even with those who would not normally have confidence in legal professionals.”

Make an appointment with our team and we will ensure we match you with professionals of appropriate expertise. ▪ +390294088188